Leopards on Top
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This term, I've been quite busy with my major classes, especially in our pattern making class. I've went on trying my best to master those basic patterns so right after that it seemed so easy to manipulate those patterns with my own designs. Anyway, let’s talk about my outfit for this post. Last summer, I studied men’s garment at a nearby tailoring shop and I enjoyed the process of creating a long sleeve.

Whenever I’m designing clothing for men, I always consider on what should be the trend after a year. In the same way, it still must reflect my own personal style and my attitude adding up a minimalist style but sometimes it may undergo in sophistication.

To make the long story short, I made four pieces of men’s wear garment – all are long sleeve pieces. Then some of my siblings said, “Why don’t you release your first collection to the public?”   And my answer is, “Soon po.” Honestly, I’m too scared to release those designs but guys, as promised; I will release my collection “SOON”

Today, I’m wearing my own design “lightly faded navy blue with matching leopards in selected parts” Actually I don’t know what it should be called haha , as you can see it looks like maong but the fabric that I used is cotton that’s why you will able to wear it whenever hot or cold.

And also as you can see on the front “the pocket” it looks like it has two pockets but does not, it has FOUR (4) pockets. A secret pocket and a standard pocket. That’s why you’ll have the freedom to choose and also find your favorite spot. It’s either in the secret pocket or in the standard pocket. 

Take Note: (made to order). For those interested tweet me or email me. @Jacob_Casem / jacobcasem@yahoo.com .

Have a nice day everyone.

Photo by : Juan Lorenzo Abiba 

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Fashion Designer Kit
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This week, my major classes will start on the subject of pattern making. I know that this subject will need materials like L square, hip curve etc…. so before the enrollment, I decided to buy materials from Fairgate NYC. (They also have an online shop here in the Philippines that’s why I don’t hesitate to pay the shipping  fee ordering from them. Later, I will link you guys to their online shop)

I am truly happy because this is such an investment for me as a fashion student. Besides that, it is not that expensive. For sure I can use this for a longtime, all the markings in the ruler are permanent and the measurement are exact even you check in ruler! Otherwise, when you make a pattern all you have to do is to look on the L square and find their exact scale on it.

What are you waiting for? Shop now! & Experience the high class modern Designers Kit at Fairgate

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